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Medical Teams International Responds To a New Outbreak of Cholera

by Megan Streng | Dec 05, 2013

(PORTLAND, Ore., Nov. 4, 2010)—Medical Teams International is relocating three volunteers to Port de Paix, Haiti, to help treat new cholera patients who are directly in the path of a hurricane set to hit the island tomorrow.

“La Pointe Hospital contacted Medical Teams International to request assistance with a cholera outbreak there,” reported Ted Steinhauer, Medical Teams International Haiti Country Director. “La Pointe Hospital dealt with 20 cases of cholera last night and another 12 cases this morning.”

The team of three experienced cholera workers, who helped suppress the outbreak in St. Marc last week, will now help train local medical workers on the treatment of cholera. These same volunteers also will help with any health needs that may arise from the hurricane this week.

Medical teams International has relocated three Oregon-based volunteers; Colin O’Reardon, paramedic, Jesse Hellwege, EMT, and Colette Whelan, RN for this response. The team will treat cholera patients, train others and assist with any hurricane injuries.

“Hurricane Tomas has shifted slightly to the west. The concern is not necessarily about the wind strength of the storm, but the amount of rain that is dumped on the country causing flooding,” reported Joe DiCarlo, Director of International Programs for Medical Teams International.

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