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Medical Teams International Improves Health Care in Sri Lanka

by Chiqui Flowers | Dec 05, 2013

(SRI LANKA Oct 20, 2009) Medical Teams International provided state-of-the-art equipment and trained staff in emergency care and resuscitation. We also included five dental clinics, upgraded four hospital kitchens and distributed five continuous cardiotocography (CTG) machines for the hospitals’ maternity units.

Medical Teams International also expanded the region’s emergency medical services program by providing an ambulance boat. Complete with equipment and a crew of trained First Responders, this emergency vehicle will provide care for the citizens living in the islands.

“Local residents now have access to a quick response ambulance system and their local hospitals have lifesaving emergency medical and trauma units,” said Juliano Fernando, Medical Teams International Deputy Country Director. “This is a lifesaving project for thousands of people.”

This project was done in partnership with the Sri Lanka Ministry of Health, AmeriCares and the World Health Organization.

Medical Teams International has been providing care in Sri Lanka through mobile medical and dental clinics and by providing training and education in community health and emergency medical services. Since 2005, Medical Teams International has provided $30 million in health sector projects in Sri Lanka.

Since 1979, Medical Teams International has shipped more than 1.3 billion in antibiotics, surgical kits and lifesaving medicines to care for 35 million people in 100 countries around the world. More than 2000 volunteers meet the needs of people worldwide each year. Donations can be made by calling (503)624.1000 or by logging on to