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Medical Teams International Helps Disaster Survivors in the Philippines and Samoa

by Marlene Minor | Dec 05, 2013

(THE PHILIPPINES Sept 30, 2009) Medical Teams International is preparing to send a volunteer medical team and urgently needed supplies to the Philippines. This action is in response to a typhoon that killed 246 people, left an estimated 500,000 people homeless and has affected 2.2 million people. The Portland-based agency is also in touch with partners in Samoa and Indonesia where an earthquake and tsunami hit yesterday.

“Our partner in the Philippines has requested the help of our volunteers and staff,” says Tammy Teske, Medical Teams International’s manager of emergency relief. “We will be sending our assistance as soon as possible.” In metropolitan Manila alone, 370,000 people are taking refugee in 600 emergency shelters.

“At this point, we are also in contact with local church leaders in Samoa. We will direct funds we receive for this disaster through these churches to help those affected,” says Teske.

Medical Teams International is now accepting cash contributions to help.

Since 1979, Medical Teams International has shipped more than 1.3 billion in antibiotics, surgical kits and lifesaving medicines to care for 45 million people in 100 countries around the world. More than 2,600 volunteers meet the needs of people worldwide each year.