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Husband-Wife Medical Team Join Battle Against Cholera Epidemic

by Megan Streng | Dec 05, 2013

(PORTLAND, Ore., Dec. 2, 2010)—The cholera outbreak in Haiti is worsening. So, Medical Teams International is sending its sixth team to Haiti tomorrow to treat more infected patients. The team includes several veteran volunteers, including husband and wife duo from Portland; Drs. Mary Burry and Tom Hoggard.

"The situation within Port-au-Prince is escalating," reported Ted Steinhauer, Haiti country director for Medical Teams International. "We are finding bodies in the streets, particularly by the waterfront and in the densely populated areas. There are now full-time vehicles combing the streets to pick up bodies and bury them in mass graves. I don't know how many, but enough to cause great concern."

"We have received urgent requests from all over Haiti. We must do the best we can where we are until God provides more teams and more IV solutions," Steinhauer said.

Medical Teams International is currently procuring needed medicines. The team of seven volunteer medical professionals leaving tomorrow will work in Haiti until December. 13.