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Haiti Earthquake – One Year into Recovery

by Megan Streng | Dec 05, 2013

(PORTLAND, Ore., Jan. 10, 2011)—One year ago, a 7.0-magnitude earthquake hit Southern Haiti. 230,000 people were killed and millions more were left injured and homeless. Within three days, Medical Teams International staff and volunteers were on the ground in Haiti.

Over the past year, with your help, Medical Teams International has:
•Raised more than $13 million in cash, medicines and medical supplies
•Mobilized more than 165 medical volunteers and trained Haitian volunteers to provide treatment for more than 195,000 people. The volunteers donated their medical services valued at nearly $900,000.
•Distributed medicines and medical supplies to help an additional 250,000 earthquake survivors.
•Trained local doctors and nurses at two cholera clinics to resp
ond to the October 2010 cholera outbreak.
•Treated more than 40,000 patients.
•Delivered medicines and medical supplies valued at more than $800,000 to help fight the cholera epidemic.
•Developed a psychosocial disaster trauma training curriculum which has been approved by the Haitian Ministry of Health.
•Provided 1,400 rehabilitation sessions and much-needed prosthetics to those disabled in the earthquake through our Helping Hands program.

Medical Teams International’s next team will be in Port-au-Prince from Jan. 10 – 23, 2010 to continue treating cholera. The team will include:
◦Dr. Calla Holmgren. (Obstetrician/Gynecologist) from Salt Lake City, Utah
◦Dr. Tom Spethmann (MD) for San Diego, Calif.
◦Jill Johnson (RN) Minneapolis, Minn.
◦Claudine Mamo (RN) Detroit, Mich.
◦Dr. Mary Katta Hakim (Pediatrician) Detroit, Mich.
◦Stan Friedman (Journalist from Covenant World Relief) Chicago, Ill.