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We increase the impact of your gift by using volunteers and donated supplies to provide $4 in desperately-needed dental care for every $1 you donate.

Tremendous Need

Our Mobile Dental site partners report long waiting lists - in some cases the clinics are booked to capacity for several months.



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Your Impact:

Your generous donations have helped over 50,000 people in the past 3 years!

Mobile Dental Program Objective:

The Mobile Dental Program provides free or low-cost urgent dental care services to low-income patients who lack dental insurance or any realistic way to pay for dental treatment.

Oral Health Crisis in America:

Right outside of our doors, here in the United States, families are battling the intense pain, complications, and socio-economic challenges that come with severe dental problems.

In many areas of Oregon alone, there is a shortage of dental providers, and the number of available licensed dentists in the Pacific NW continues to decline.  While in theory all Oregon children are covered by Healthy Kids insurance, there are many reasons why they may be having trouble accessing it, such as difficulty finding providers nearby that will accept it.

A 2-3 hour drive to the closest dental provider requires parents to take off work. This means low-income kids and their parents (who are NOT usually covered by dental insurance) just don’t go.

As untreated dental issues progress, many uninsured people with dental crises turn to emergency rooms for pain relief. Up to 30% of uninsured individuals who visit hospital emergency rooms are cases that could be treated more effectively in a dental office.  Plus, ERs are not properly equipped to treat dental problems. ER treatment for dental disease is not only ineffective, but also costly for both patients and hospitals - approximately $765 per ER visit.

Our Approach:

Medical Teams International’s Mobile Dental program has been able to dramatically reduce ER expenses for uninsured patients with dental disease, providing effective treatment at an average $100 - $125 per patient.

We have a fleet of twelve Mobile Dental clinics in Oregon and Washington, which visit many different partner locations. The Mobile Dental clinics are 38-foot converted motor homes. Each mobile clinic contains two dental operatories and all necessary equipment, instruments and supplies.

Our fully-equipped vans are staffed by licensed dentists, hygienists and dental assistants who volunteer their time to provide professional dental care. In partnership, some churches also can provide ongoing hospitality care teams.

We work through over 300 community partners, such as churches, schools, and health care companies, to arrange urgent care dental services. Urgent care dental services include procedures such as fillings and extractions. Our community partners manage all scheduling and appointments.

We also provide preventative care. For example, MTI has provided thousands of children with an easy-to-read brochure and a kid-friendly kit of basic dental supplies as well as classroom instruction from MTI staff and volunteers.

The success of the program is due to the voluntary work of dedicated dental professionals, partnering local churches, and gifts from donors like you.

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Program Goals:

  • Deliver free dental care to low-income people of all ages who lack insurance, a realistic way to pay for treatment, or reasonable access to dental care.
  • Provide care for those who are uninsured and fall below the 200th percentile of the Federal Poverty guidelines.
  • Form partnerships with dental professionals who donate their time and services, and with local organizations who host Mobile Dental van clinics.
  • Remove two of the primary obstacles to receiving dental care: cost and accessible location.
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Recent Blog Posts about our Mobile Dental Program:

Mobile Dental Success Story: Alex

by Katie Carroll | Feb 15, 2014
Since childhood, Alex suffered with molar pain caused by a dental care mistake in his home country of Russia. For decades he has suffered - unable to even sleep at night because of the pain. Volunteering at a local food pantry, he heard how MTI's dental vans could help uninsured patients. After visiting a clinic, he now lives pain-free.

We are so grateful for our donors and volunteers - you are changing lives!


  • 50% Nearly half of adults over age 30 suffer 
    from some for form of gum disease.
  • $765 Average cost per patient to treat dental emergencies in an ER.
  • 2x Children from lower-income families are
    almost twice as likely to have tooth decay.

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