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A $100 donation sends over $7,700 worth of lifesaving medicines and medical supplies, like syringes & antibiotics. Donate now.

Medical Supply Program


Our Medical Supply program acquires, packs, and distributes life-saving medicines and supplies to developing countries and volunteer medical teams around the world.

Our Approach

Clinics across the globe struggle to give patients the care they need. Inadequate supplies and equipment can mean the difference between life and death.

From medicines to birthing kits to sterile surgical supplies, Medical Supply program ensures that clinics and healthcare providers have what they need to care for the people they serve.

How does our process work?

Getting supplies: Thanks to donations from hospitals, HMOs, medical supply companies, clinics, and pharmaceutical companies, we’re able to address this need. See our humanitarian aid donors.

Shipping supplies: In our two distribution centers in Oregon and Washington, our staff and volunteer teams procure, sort, pack, and ship urgently-needed supplies. Join our volunteer team.

Distributing supplies: Medical Teams strategically aligns with nonprofit partners to receive and distribute donated products. Qualifying partner organizations must: 1) serve in a high-priority country; 2) demonstrate their capacity for product receipt, storage, distribution, and accountability; 3) align with Medical Teams International’s mission.

Distributing Health Supplies at Home

Our Medical Supply Program also assists over 60 local social service agencies by providing basic hygiene supplies, such as shampoo and soap. Items like these make a big difference in the lives of many low-income families who often go without these basics in order to feed their families.

Medical Teams International is a proud member of The Partnership for Quality Medical Donations alliance.

We observe the Accord Network Standards for medical donations.

A hand-written thank you to medical supplies donors.

Through your donations, partner organizations like Chidamoyo Christian Hospital are able to save lives.

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