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Medical Services and Training Program


The goal of our Medical Services and Training program is to build capacity and deliver direct healthcare services to developing countries.

Our Approach

Many countries are not able to provide sufficient healthcare services to their communities; their clinics and hospitals lack trained medical workers.

Our Medical Services and Training program sends volunteer healthcare professionals to provide direct medical care to people in need. Additionally, our program evaluates the barriers specific to local communities and develops training to enable sustainable health services. We develop the custom curricula in the context and culture of the local community, and evaluate how the training will continue to be built on in the field.

Our Medical Services and Training program focuses on specialty services and training such as dentistry, surgery, and optometry. Our volunteers provide hands-on, up-to-date training in their area of expertise. When our teams return home, in-country staff uses their expanded medical knowledge to serve patients in the local community for years to come.

A midwife receives certification through one of our programs in Haiti.

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