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  • Disaster Update: Myanmar field photos

    by Emily Crowe | Aug 11, 2015

    Flooding has wreaked havoc on Myanmar, submerging entire regions as dams collapse from dangerously heavy rainfall. In some areas, flooding has completely engulfed single-story homes and washed away all personal belongings, food, and access to safe drinking water.

    With no personal belongings, no food, and destroyed farmlands, support is critical to ensure this vulnerable situation is handled in a way that allows Myanmar to continue its path to development. Your support is making a difference.

    Our local partner is providing emergency and long-term relief for those affected by flooding. Want to help bring relief to flood victims? Donate here to provide emergency care and long-term support for flood victims in Myanmar.

    Here are some photo updates from the field:

    Living conditions in temporary shelter
    Living conditions in temporary shelter set up for displaced flood victims.

    Deep flooding in Myanmar
    Homes and farmland are destroyed by deadly floodwaters.

    Myanmar flood victim
    A man wades through flood water in a partially-submerged village in the Bago West Region of Myanmar. 

    Flood situation in Thone Sae Township
    Widespread destruction from flooding in Thone Sae township.

    Medical care by Township
    Medical care for flood victims. Snake bites, diarrhea, and exposure are serious threats during this type of disaster.

    Want to do more? Learn more about our work in Myanmar. Join the conversation on Facebook or Twitter. Make a donation to support vulnerable communities in desperate need of emergency relief. Pray that those affected will be protected from disaster and the long-term impacts of the flood.

  • Myanmar Disaster: Deadly flooding will affect thousands

    by Emily Crowe | Aug 07, 2015

    Flooding is wreaking havoc on Myanmar. This is one of the worst disasters the country has seen since 2008, when Cyclone Nargis took over 130,000 lives. Not only are floods taking lives, but damage to farmland and livestock will have serious, long-term impact on food supply.

    Four areas- Chin, Magway, Sagaing and Rakhine- have been declared disaster zones as the country enters a state of emergency. Medical Teams International is working with a long-term, local partner to provide the essential emergency care for flood victims.

    Want to help bring relief to flood victims? Donate here to provide emergency care and long-term support for flood victims in Myanmar.

    Myanmar Flood Disaster 1

    Photos from the field: A village is forced to flee in search of safety away from deadly flooding in Myanmar.

    Myanmar is one of the poorest nations in Southeast Asia, and your support has the power to make a serious impact.

    Your support has already been saving lives in Myanmar. In a country that's struggled for decades with political and natural disasters, our Community Health programs have touched many- particularly mothers and babies- who are at high risk of preventable death due to a long-neglected health system.

    Deadly flooding will only further threaten vulnerable communities with little to no access for health services. Immediate and long-term response is critical to avoid further disaster.

    Vulnerable flood victims in Myanmar need immediate support. How can you help?

    1. Spread the word by sharing the news on Facebook or Twitter.
    2. Make a donation to support vulnerable communities in desperate need of emergency relief.
    3. Please pray that those affected will be protected from disaster and the long-term impacts of the flood.

  • The power of "a mother's touch"

    by Emily Crowe | Aug 05, 2015

    Every day, you bring life-changing care to people around the world.

    How does your support for the dental program change lives? In addition to providing relief through our U.S. mobile dental program, your support provides hands-on workshops with local elementary students so they learn habits for a lifetime of oral health.

    Dental hold hands
    At our mobile dental clinics, patients receive much-needed dental care from a compassionate, loving team.

    By donating to international programs, you also bring dental care, training and tools around the world-- like the Syrian refugee camps where we serve-- protecting children and families from years of excruciating pain from untreated

    Recently, one of our local dental doctors had a heart-warming experience while providing care to a man named Tex:

    "Tex... had a broken tooth, which had been broken for four years! He has been eating on one side for that long because he is deathly afraid of the dentist.

    He told me he was physically shaking in the truck, and Dr. Angell just held his hand. 

    'She has a mother's touch,' is what he said.

    I thought this was so special to hear... Such a special sacred space we get to be in."

    Please pray that our dental program may continue to touch lives around the world. Keep up to date on Facebook, Twitter, and over email. Consider donating or volunteering to help the program continue to make a great impact.

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  • Empowering everyday heroes in Poipet, Cambodia

    by Emily Crowe | Jul 30, 2015

    The accident looked bad. Three cars had collided, and one was completely flipped in the nearby ditch. There were three victims. Two were in obvious pain, but the third was most frightening: completely unresponsive, the crash had thrown her across the pavement like a rag doll.

    Thairy was the first emergency medical technician (EMT) on the scene. But today, instead of feeling anxious, Thairy felt confident.

    Just weeks before, this would not have been the case.

    In Cambodia, a country crippled by years of destruction from the Khmer Rouge, many emergency resources are underdeveloped. Poor resources may mean, instead of being immobilized and transported in an ambulance, a victim is strapped to the back of a motorcycle and rushed to a local hospital—risking serious, permanent damage.

    Cambodia EMS thairy

    When the accident happened, Thairy used his new training to take a leadership role and respond immediately. All three accident victims reached the hospital and recovered quickly.

    Although Thairy’s team was better equipped than many others in the area, there were still gaps in their education. Tools like spineboards were also in short supply—a shortage that kept them from providing life-saving care when it was most critical.

    Then a blessed encounter happened: Sarin, Thairy’s supervisor, attended an MTI-led EMS course hosted in his province. After just one day, he realized how much the training could improve his team’s skills—bringing a new level of safety to a community that depended on their ability to respond.

    We were thrilled and immediately arranged training for his entire team. Over two months, the team’s skills grew immensely. We were also able to give them spineboards—the very tools Thairy used only weeks later to treat victims during the crash. Now, these passionate emergency responders have the resources they need to provide the absolute best care.

    When Thairy arrived at the scene that day, he knew exactly what to do.

    Immediately, he and his teammate identified and stabilized the two victims in critical condition. Using spineboards to immobilize each patient, Thairy was able to protect the victims from further injury—and possible death—as they were rushed to the hospital for treatment. 

    Six months ago—before your support reached Thairy and his team—this story could have ended very differently.

    Because of your support, Thairy could respond during this crucial time. Instead of suffering from poor or outdated knowledge, these patients reached the hospital safely and recovered quickly.

    This training—the training you provided—put life-saving knowledge into the hands of everyday heroes like Thairy and Sarin. One EMT at a time, your support is saving precious lives.

    Be part of lifesaving change in Cambodia. Share Thairy's story on Facebook and pray that our EMS classes will continue to make a significant impact. Consider volunteering locally or abroad with MTI and donate to programs that provide health around the world. Subscribe to our emails for the most up-to-date stories and news.

  • Volunteer Spotlight: "We are Christ's hands"

    by Emily Crowe | Jul 24, 2015

    Our volunteers are at the core of everything we do. Last year, 2472 volunteers donated over 80,000 hours: packing and preparing medical supplies, supporting our programs and events, and volunteering abroad.

    Together, MTI volunteers supported 3.15 million people in 30 countries around the world.

    DC volunteer highlight Helen
    Helen: Distribution Center Volunteer

    Helen has been a dedicated MTI volunteer for over two decades. She heard about MTI on television- she liked what she heard and thought she could help. We are so blessed that she did.

    Each one of our volunteers makes such a difference- thank you for blessing us with your generosity and support. 

    Volunteering since: 1994

    What are some of the biggest changes you have seen over the years?
    The computer, before that everything was done by hand. In the old building the sorting area was the size of our current Breakdown area. We had a small crew so we did both the sorting and the packing. We sorted from boxes into boxes. The system now with the sorting bins is so refined.

    What has kept you at Medical Teams International? The mission, the love and caring that goes into what we do here. The sense of ‘family’ that has been created here, when my husband was sick I even hired someone to help so I wouldn’t miss my shift.

    What do you want the new volunteers to know? Remember that we are Christ’s hands to those most in need. This is important work.

    Do you have any favorite memories or insights about volunteering with MTI that you'd like to share? We'd love to hear from you! Join us on Facebook and Twitter, or send us an email. Interested in joining our volunteer team? Learn more.