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Medical Teams International | Official Blog

Get the latest updates from our programs in the field internationally and here in the United States.  

  • Mobile Dental Success Story: A Second Chance

    by Katie Carroll | Sep 17, 2014

    We recently received a letter from a young woman who received care at a mobile dental van thanks to your donations. She wished to remain anonymous, but she wanted to share her gratitude to you for your selfless gifts. Here is the story of "Ann."

    Only in her twenties, Ann lost her job and therefore became homeless and without health insurance. For a year and a half, Ann struggled to make ends meet. As her life became more unmanageable, Ann neglected her dental care.

    Slowly Ann was able to piece her life back together. She found a job, which she is extremely grateful for. Her job provides her income and a place to live, but unfortunately does not offer health insurance.

    For nearly two years, Ann desperately sought care for her teeth. She was in excruciating pain, which made it difficult for her to feel motivated at the job she worked so hard for. Plus, she knew her dental problems were causing bad breath, which also made it embarrassing and uncomfortable to speak with others at her job. At just 31 years old, Ann was facing dentures.

    Thanks to you, Ann is no longer in terrible pain and suffering low self esteem! Your donations to MTI's mobile dental program have transformed her life. With successful dental treatment, she now goes to her new job with confidence and enthusiasm to work hard.

    In Ann's words: "I am extremely encouraged by the visits I have been blessed with. I am truly grateful and appreciative...I would like to thank everyone involved with making the mobile dental van an available resource for people who have no other options and for making it a reality for second chances. God bless you and thank you from the bottom of my heart and on behalf of those who have also received dental care from the mobile dental van... but may not know how to voice their gratitude."

    Thank you for supporting our mobile dental program. You are truly changing lives!

  • Field Report: Maternal Health Training in Crochu, Haiti

    by Kristin Simpson | Sep 16, 2014
    Your gifts are truly transforming lives in Crochu, Haiti and around the world! Check out these photos we just received from the field of your gifts in action!

    Thanks to your donations to our Haiti programs, Medical Teams International recently was able to train community volunteers on the importance of maternal health nutrition.

    Local volunteers and staff came together to discuss the benefits of a healthy diet for pregnant women. They talked about the benefits of iron and vitamin supplementation for expectant mothers and learned what foods are packed with the most nutrients.

    Because of you, community volunteers are educated and able to share their knowledge to help make sure little babies will be born healthy and strong.

    Thank you for your support of our Haiti programs, which makes this training possible.

    A pregnant woman learning about maternal health.

    Community members discussing proper maternal health and nutrition.

    MTI staff and volunteers training local members of the community.

    Expectant mothers learning about the benefits of a healthy diet.
  • Cambodia Success Story: Mork

    by Katie Carroll | Sep 15, 2014

    When Mork gave birth to her first child in a clinic Kampong Cham province, Cambodia, everything seemed perfect. She welcomed a healthy, 9lb little boy. Mork was thrilled: "I and my husband were really happy after we got one son."

    Mork and her son


    After the birth, things quickly took a turn for the worse for Mork. She began to hemorrhage, badly. The doctors and midwives at the clinic implemented many measures to help her, but her condition continued to worsen. Her blood pressure dropped, and she lost consciousness. Mork needed to go to a hospital.

    Thanks to your generous donations, the doctors at the clinic had Non-pneumatic Anti-shock Garments (NASGs), simple medical garments that reverse shock - helping to keep women alive until they can receive the help they need. Mork was wrapped in an NASG and transferred to a hospital, where she was successfully treated.

    The midwives at the hospital


    If not for your donations, Mork would not have survived. Mork is overcome with emotion and gratitude when recounting her story. She says through tears, "I could not believe that I am still alive and stay with my lovely son and my husband."

    Thank you for your life-saving donations!

    You can continue to support our maternal & child health programs through our Survive to Five and Beyond! campaign. Did you know every year, 287,000 women die during pregnancy or childbirth? Every $2.35 helps save one mother & child - just like Mork! Thank you for your compassion.

  • Haitian Amputees on the Soccer Field

    by Katie Carroll | Sep 14, 2014

    Your selfless donations to our Haiti Advantage program make tremendous differences in the lives of Haitians who have suffered amputations. You provide care for mothers whose prosthetics are so mangled they cannot care for their family. You heal grandfathers whose stumps are covered in sores from improper prosthetics.

    And you also provide self-esteem and community for victims of amputees.

    Enjoy these recent photos from a football (soccer) match organized by the Haiti Advantage program!





    The event was a huge success, in which over 400 people from the community participated. In the words of our staff, "Today Les Cayes have new heroes and they are our players, men who have suffered an amputation but in a soccer field they forget everything and run and enjoy the life like the rest of the people who were watching."

    THANK YOU for empowering those around the world in most need.

  • Field Photos: EMS Training in Cambodia

    by Katie Carroll | Sep 13, 2014

    Here are some snapshots of the amazing work you are doing! Thanks to your incredible generosity, MTI is able to provide Emergency Medical Services (EMS) training to Cambodians. Take a look at these photos from our program in Prey Veng Province:

    Conducting a training in childbirth.


    Conducting a training in CPR.

    One of our classes with their certifications.

    In Cambodia, fatalities from traffic accidents is alarmingly high. Thanks to your gifts, local first responders will be able to provide sufficient first aid response on the scene. You are reducing the number of fatalities from trauma in one of the places in the world that needs it most. Thank you!

    Donate to our EMS programs.

    Local children where you are providing care.


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