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  • Burundi: Refugees flee by thousands

    by Emily Crowe | May 27, 2015

    What to do when political crisis meets cholera outbreak?

    Political chaos in Burundi has forced more than 100,000 refugees to flee from their homes. While many refugees initially made way to Tanzania, poor conditions in Tanzania have led to a deadly outbreak of cholera.

    Five thousand Burundi refugees have now fled to Uganda -- and many more are expected.

    In partnership with the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR), Medical Teams International's Ugandan staff are mobilizing to address the growing needs of Uganda's newest refugees. Together, we are providing health care and malnutrition treatment for those most in need.

    Uganda has spent many years dealing with refugee crises. Through your support, thousands taking refuge inside Uganda's borders have received critical medical care. With this new crisis, thanks to your gifts to our disaster relief programs we are able take action immediately.

    Please join us in praying for the thousands fleeing from violence in Burundi during this turbulent time of need.

    Thank you for your dedication to those most vulnerable-- you are truly saving lives.

    Donate now to our disaster response programs, which enable your gifts to help provide medical care for people like these refugees the minute a disaster occurs.
  • Nepal Quake: With Nickels, Students Aid Relief Efforts

    by Tyler Graf | May 22, 2015

    Tarp-covered home in Nepal damaged by earthquake

    One of thousands of buildings completely destroyed by last month's earthquake in Nepal.

    In the aftermath of the April 25 earthquake that ravaged much of Nepal, killing more than 8,000 and injuring 17,000, support for those affected has come far and wide -- even from some of our youngest citizens.

    Middle school students from Lynda Robert's class at the Ninety-One School in Hubbard, Ore., this month raised $2,521 for relief efforts in Nepal. They did so by literally raising a nickel at a time through a "Nickel for Nepal" campaign. For the record, the dollar figure is equal to 50,420 nickles, or 555 pounds of metal.

    Students learned of the hardships faced by quake-rattled Nepalis from experiences detailed by Robert's son. He serves in the Peace Corps in Nepal and was in the capital of Kathmandu when the earthquake struck.  

    The school visited the Real. Life Exhibit to hand-deliver the donation on Thursday, May 21. Through hard work and generosity, these kids showed that their hearts are with the countless Nepalis currently living in makeshift tented settlements, who lack adequate access to safe health clinics. Their hustle and drive is greatly appreciated.

    To learn more about Medical Teams International's work in the aftermath of the disaster, visit our Nepal page.  

  • South Sudanese Refugee: Rebecca's Story

    by Katie Carroll | May 21, 2015

    The pain on Rebecca’s face is clear as she tells us her story. “My husband and I were very happy,” begins Rebecca. “Our family was happy.”

    This was before they became refugees, she explains. Before her husband was killed.

    Rebecca is a South Sudanese refugee. Her husband, a soldier, recently died in the conflict. As civilians in her town were being murdered, Rebecca and her terrified children fled from their home to a refugee camp in Uganda.

    The refugee camp is miserable. The rain is relentless and floods her family’s shelter, forcing them to live in the mud. There is little food, and her children are often sick.

    Even if there was more food, Rebecca says her children are often too heartbroken to eat.

    She would love to return home. But she has no home to return to, no income, and no possessions.  She is overwhelmed with the burden of caring for her family. She mourns her husband, and all those who have died in a conflict she says she doesn't even understand.  

    Through tears she says, “My children did not have any disease before we came here, but now we are all sick. And it pains me every day because I don’t know what to do.” 


    Fearing her family were on the brink of death, she sought help at the MTI clinic. There, she received medicines she desperately needed - thanks to your generosity. Your donations shipped critical medicines to help Rebecca and her children when they desperately needed it. 

    Rebecca says, “Without the medicine, we would not be talking as we are now. And I think about this: that the medicine is coming from people I did not know. This is a miracle that comes from God. And it shows that God is real, and that He is here to help me. And so now, I no longer feel that I am alone.”


    You are truly demonstrating the love of Christ to those suffering around the world in their hour of need. Your gift of medicines and medical supplies is going to help those who need it most – incredible people just like Rebecca and her children. Thank you!

    You can continue to send life-saving medicines and supplies. Donate.

    It's World Refugee Day on June 20th, so we're taking this week to focus special attention and prayers on the millions of refugees across the world.

    Want to be a part of the movement? Follow us on Facebook and Twitter, sign up to receive emails, and check out our refugee page to learn more.
  • Nepal Quake: An injured elderly woman receives care

    by Katie Carroll | May 15, 2015

    Your gifts to help victims of the Nepal earthquake are making a difference. You helped provide medical care to an 82-year old woman who was injured in her rural home during the earthquake.

    Yadu lives in Budathum, a geographically isolated village in one of the areas most affected by the quake. She has lived here for most of her life with her family, who rely upon farming to feed themselves and make a small income. When the earthquake began, Yadu was near her rural home, and although terrified, she immediately sought protection. Yadu’s village was destroyed, and some of her neighbors were less fortunate than she. There were at least seven deaths. Three of those deaths were fishermen who ran from the water when the earthquake began. As they were getting out of the water they were buried under a massive landslide, and one of Yadu’s neighbors said, “You could hear them moaning from underneath the mud, ‘Help us, help us.’”


    A building near Yadu collapsed, and a falling piece of rubble hit and broke her foot. She is grateful that she suffered no further injuries. As the roads were impassable due to landslides, Yadu was carried by her son to the closest health clinic, where she was cared for by MTI medical volunteers, who had set up a triage unit at the clinic. Yadu is now being cared for by her family in Budathum. Her injury is healing, but she may never recover completely from the loss of friends and her home.

    Thank you for your generosity and compassion, which is helping to care for the most vulnerable during their time of need.

  • Ebola Success: Your gifts kept nurses from becoming patients.

    by Katie Carroll | May 13, 2015


    This year, International Nurses Day held extra meaning for the nurses of Liberia. The country, which was just recently ravaged by the Ebola virus, held its official celebration of "Ebola Free Day" just the day before.


    Since the outbreak started in March 2014, a total of 378 healthcare workers became infected, killing at least 192. However, it is with hearts full of thanksgiving that more than 350 nurses celebrated yesterday under theme: "When a Nurse or Midwife Becomes the Patient."

    With a healthcare system that was not equipped to fight the virus, nurses watched on helplessly as "this lethal viral infection [took a] toll on the health system; took the lives of our friends, families and mentors."

    The deaths weighed heavily on the nurses’ hearts. As the outbreak ravaged the country, they had no appropriate supplies or equipment. They could only watch as sick children and pregnant women died before their eyes.

    Most nurses are not even on payroll, and spent years studying purely because they found joy in caring for people. Without preventative equipment, they were unable to care for anyone. As sick people died, the nurses felt they had betrayed those they had sworn oaths to save.

    Thanks to your donations, the nurses received personal protective equipment and other supplies to help those in need. The nurses share, “if God had not been on our side for international partners...during the crisis, maybe a living nurse won’t have been in Liberia today!”

    Your gifts helped keep nurses safe from infection - and helped them to save lives. Thank you.