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Medical Teams International | Official Blog

Get the latest updates from our programs in the field internationally and here in the United States.  

  • Field Photos: Medical Care in Guatemala

    by Kristin Simpson | Dec 11, 2014

    Check out these photos we just received from our field staff in Guatemala. Because of your generous gifts, mothers and children are receiving the proper medical care and nutrients they need to live strong and healthy lives! Thank you!

    Guatemala Medical Care
    Mothers and children receiving medical care in Guatemala.

    A mother counselor explaining the importance of taking vitamins.

    Medical Care Guatemala
    A health worker educating children.

    Medical Care Guatemala
    A health worker teaching children about vitamins.

  • Guatemala Success Story: Doña Rosa

    by Kristin Simpson | Dec 11, 2014

    Today we share with you a story of how you helped provide a mother in Guatemala with lifesaving prenatal care and support.

    28 year old Doña Rosa suffered from four miscarriages. Prior to seeking help from MTI staff in Guatemala, Doña Rosa did not receive the prenatal care and vitamins she needed to carry out a healthy pregnancy.

    Thanks to your generous donations, Doña Rosa received prenatal vitamins and prenatal care support from a skilled provider. Because of the vitamins she was given and the care she received, she was able to have a baby for the first time!

    Doña Rosa now sees the importance of prenatal care, and is so happy and thankful for her healthy baby! Your gifts are transforming lives — thank you!

  • TIME Magazine Honors Ebola Fighters as 2014 Person Of The Year

    by Kristin Simpson | Dec 10, 2014

    We're excited to share this news we just received -- TIME magazine unveiled that Ebola Fighters are being honored as their 2014 Person of the Year. At MTI, we want to recognize our generous donors and our courageous staff in Liberia for helping in the fight against Ebola. We cannot do our work without you, and we are so thankful for your support.

    According to TIME, “The rest of the world can sleep at night because a group of men and women are willing to stand and fight. For tireless acts of courage and mercy, for buying the world time to boost its defenses, for risking, for persisting, for sacrificing and saving, the Ebola fighters are TIME’s 2014 Person of the Year.”

    Thanks to your generous donations to our Ebola response in Liberia, MTI is taking a leadership role among NGOs in Liberia in the fight to stop the spread of Ebola. We are currently on the ground in Liberia, educating communities and health care workers on safe practices and procedures, training families on infection prevention and control in the home, and delivering care and humanitarian aid to those in need. Your support is making a difference in the world -- thank you!

    Please learn more about our response in Liberia and donate to stop the spread of Ebola.

  • Disaster Alert: Typhoon Hagupit

    by Kristin Simpson | Dec 05, 2014

    As you have no doubt seen in the news, Typhoon Hagupit (named Typhoon Ruby in the Philippines) is expected to hit or pass near areas yet to recover from last year’s Typhoon Haiyan. Typhoon Hagupit’s maximum sustained 1-minute wind speed is between 150-180 mph (241 – 290 kms/h) and is due to hit land on Saturday evening (local time). 

    Over the past six months, Medical Teams International has sent MTI paramedics to train local emergency responders in Tacloban to increase the skill level of local responders for these types of emergencies. Today, local responders in Tacloban are better prepared for tonight’s potential typhoon, and have told MTI staff, “We are ready!”

    Local residents, many of them still living in temporary shelters, are moving away from coastal areas. In Tacloban, 38,000 people from coastal villages are in 26 evacuation centers. Up to 500,000 people have been evacuated and the Philippine government is positioning food for distribution after the typhoon hits. 

    MTI is committed to helping with disaster relief in the Philippines, if needed, after this typhoon. We are tracking the storm to determine the level of destruction. It will be determined on Monday if we will activate our Incident Command System “Emergency Operations Center” and deploy a team with prepared medical supplies on Tuesday, 9 December.

    Please pray for the Philippines!

    Thank you for supporting MTI and our mission to demonstrate the love of Christ to people affected by disaster, conflict and poverty around the world.

    Please donate to help our ongoing efforts to provide life-saving care to some of the world's most vulnerable.

  • Haiti Success Story: Lorie

    by Kristin Simpson | Dec 03, 2014

    We are so grateful to share with you a story of how your gifts changed the life of a young girl in Haiti.

    For weeks, Lorie suffered from a severe injury to her right knee. Lorie was so weak and frail, she could not walk or attend school.

    After learning about Medical Teams International’s Advantage Program, Lorie and her mom sought immediate help and treatment for Lorie’s injury. As a result of your generosity, Lorie is now able to walk without crutches and can attend school. Because of you, the MTI Advantage Program was able to provide Lorie with the physical therapy she needed to recover and thrive!

    You are demonstrating the love of Christ to people in need around the world. Thank you!

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