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Nola, refugee: "Soldiers wait... They take you away."

by Emily Crowe | Feb 10, 2017

In January, conflict in South Sudan forced over 63,000 people into Uganda. Thousands of refugees are entering the country each week, and experts warn that the country is facing ethnically-charged genocide. Women and children are particularly at risk. Nola is one woman we met who described what it was like in South Sudan: "Soldiers wait outside your house leaning on a tree," she shared, "And then when you go out to use the bathroom they take you away."

“Soldiers wait outside your house leaning on a tree, and then when you go out to use the bathroom they take you away.”

Although life as a refugee can be very hard, your support helps us reach more and more in need. Seeking safer lives as refugees, your support makes sure they can receive urgently-needed medical care, including health screenings, vaccinations, malaria treatment, and more. 

Check out photos from the field of your support in action:

Despite losing homes and love ones, refugees show the true resiliency of the human spirit. Thank you for sharing health - and showing compassion for our global neighbors in need.

Safe, accessible healthcare and medicines are critical to keeping families healthy.

Your support trains volunteers, staff and sends medicine and medical supplies.

Refugees wait to be seen at a medical clinic. As violence pushes more refugees into Uganda, need for healthcare grows.

Without care - malaria treatment, vaccinations, etc. - children are particularly at risk of preventable disease or death. Thank you for making a difference!