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In Haiti, fears of cholera persist

by Tyler Graf | Nov 10, 2016

Haiti, Cazeau Mobile Medical Unit, Nov. 2016
Medical Teams International staff conduct cholera prevention activities in southern Haiti.

A month after Hurricane Matthew devastated communities in Haiti, cholera made a suspected appearance along the southern coast.

In response to this information, national and international staff from Medical Teams International traveled to the affected area and conducted a situation assessment at the houses of each of the suspected cases.

Medical Teams decided to conduct a Mobile Medical Unit in the area of Cazeau, a small community that had seen an uptick in cholera cases. Out of a small church, staff and volunteer medical professionals set up handwashing stations and conducted educational sessions on prevention and preparedness.

Because contaminated water leads to the spread of cholera, Medical Teams’ national nursing staff also distributed chlorine powder and oral rehydration solution. These activities were well received by members of the community, who were thankful for the support they were receiving.

Efforts to quell fears are gaining steady traction.

A month after Hurricane Matthew pummeled Haiti's southern coast, fears over cholera remain high. On Tuesday, the country launched its largest ever vaccination campaign. The hope is to vaccinate 800,000 people in areas hit hardest by the storm.