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Hurricane Matthew Update: October 5, 2016

by User Not Found | Oct 05, 2016

Hurricane Matthew, the strongest hurricane to hit the Atlantic in nearly a decade, struck Haiti on Tuesday morning, October 4th. The United Nations is calling the storm the worst disaster to hit Haiti since the 2010 earthquake. Get the latest FAQ's + updates here >>

Families are trapped with no access to safe water or food, and crucial food sources have been destroyed. Countless homes are flooded and transportation is impossible in some of the worst-hit areas. Our teams are responding.

Key facts: 

  • Entire towns are evacuated & many schools, homes, and property are destroyed.
  • The main bridge connecting Port-au-Prince to the South has collapsed.
  • Food sources - livestock, gardens and food stores - have been swept away.
  • Cholera and other water borne diseases are spreading due to heavy rainfall.
  • People that couldn’t evacuate in time are injured and dying.
  • Communication is spotty because of damage and the death toll is likely to keep raising.


What are the greatest health risks? Disease. Many affected areas were already experiencing cases of dangerous diseases, including cholera, Zika and dengue. Heavy rainfall, contaminated water sources and flooding will only make this worse.Haiti-flooding-disaster

What are the greatest needs? Access to healthcare, safe hygiene and water sources and shelter are most critical.

How many are affected? The storm is confirmed to have killed 25 people, but that number is expected to increase as more communications are possible. At least 10,000 people have been displaced, and more than 1.24 million people have been affected and are in need of assistance.

How is Medical Teams International responding? Our Haiti-based team are working right now to assess the situation in all surrounding areas. Our Disaster Response team is closely monitoring the situation and have been deployed to assess and support the local team. Les Cayes was hit the hardest and Boën and Cruchus are experiencing flooding and other damage.