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Hurricane Matthew Update: October 6, 2016

by User Not Found | Oct 06, 2016

Hurricane Matthew has left a destructive path in Haiti. With bridges collapsed, roads flooded, electric poles down, and cellular and internet communication limited, there are many in need. Get the latest FAQ's + updates here >>


The hurricane left the Grand’Anse and Sud regions devastated. Rural homes, made from grass or mud, have been wiped out, and farms and harvests are gone. People are taking refuge in shelters where the need for food, safe water, and medical care are great and the risk of health concerns related to water and sanitation is high.


The death toll is likely to keep rising as more affected rural areas are reached. Using intact airstrips in the southern peninsula will increase ability to reach communities in need.


Our teams are responding. Communities are trying to seek safety and reach neighbors despite destroyed roads and flooding. Those who are able are crossing the river on other’s backs and tractors working in the river to make way. The water level continued to rise as the rain kept coming down.