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Resho: From Nurse to Refugee

by User Not Found | Sep 21, 2016

Imagine leaving your home and the life you know for something completely uncertain - and all the while nothing but tragedy and violence seem to follow.

21 year old Resho, a Yazidi woman, was working as a nurse in her hometown in Iraq when she was captured by ISIS. In one fell swoop, her entire life was changed. Kidnapped, she suffered repeated sexual abuses. Thankfully, she managed to escape and return to her family.Greece-refugees-syria-resho

However, this attack made it clear that they were not safe anymore. Resho and her family left everything behind to travel to Lesbos, eventually settling in a refugee center on the Greek mainland.

The attacks on Resho left more than physical scars. After suffering unimaginable trauma, she and her family are now displaced and homeless. As a young professional woman, and more importantly a human being, she was left with little to comfort her during this time. Shortly after her arrival at the refugee camp, it became too much to bear. Heartbreakingly, she turned to suicide to seek relief.

Thankfully, her attempt was unsuccessful, and a volunteer nurse was there to provide compassionate medical care and emotional support. Learning of her former nursing experience, she was enlisted as a part time volunteer as a clinical assistant, providing supportive care when the clinic is not staffed.

Although Resho does not know how much longer she will likely have to wait in the refugee camp before resettlement, she is emotionally and physically thriving with a renewed purpose in life. From nurse to refugee, she is now able to put her skills to good use once again and help other refugees like herself endure this difficult time.

Your support of refugees in northern Greece not only provided necessary medical care to Resho, but also provided a place for her old life and skills to shine. Thanks to you, Resho has a renewed purpose in life.

Your support is necessary to address illnesses and help others in need like Resho. Some refugees have been stuck in Greece for months, unable to pass farther into Europe and unwilling to go back home, where their lives would be in danger. With over 57,000 persons of concerns now in Greece, we thank you for your ongoing support.