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Tears of relief in a refugee camp

by User Not Found | Dec 31, 2015

Sanna’s head throbbed. All she wanted was to embrace her children and prepare them a good meal. Her heart was broken, held hostage to debilitating pain and dizzying anguish.

After her beloved cousins were killed in Syria, Sanaa and her children fled to a refugee settlement in Lebanon. Although they had escaped the violence and bombs tormenting her native country, their hardships had only just begun. Traumatizing memories of her family’s murder ravaged her mind, barbarous nightmares and flashbacks taking a toll both physically and emotionally. Sanaa experienced paralyzing headaches and relentless heart palpitations.

Sanaa's only wish is a bright future for her children. Without treatment, her illness made it hard prepare meals or even be around other people.

She winces as she recounted how her illness enslaved her: “As I look at my poor children, my heart aches. I would often get severe headaches and could not hear them or even prepare their food. When I get high blood pressure, I cannot stand having anyone nearby. The head pain is so severe; I have to send the children outside. This upsets me because it is my duty to provide for them.”

The desperate mother saw her life, her dreams, and her family in shambles. She mourned the loss of her happy life in Syria. In Syria, her children attended school. They learned to read, and they played outside with their friends. Here in the refugee camp, Sanaa’s only desire is a brighter future for her children. Today, she does not even have 75¢ to buy them a piece of fruit for a treat.

Your prayers and donations offer Sanaa a breath of relief in the midst of a dark, difficult reality.

Sanaa and her family enjoy a meal together. Thanks to you, she is able to keep her family fed and healthy.

Thanks to your support, doctors from Medical Teams International diagnosed Sanaa with hypertension and provided her the medications she needs. Tears of gratitude and relief gather in her eyes, as Sanaa serves her children a humble meal in her tent. She shares: “When they give me my medication, I feel much better. They are great doctors, and I thank them from my heart.”

Thousands of mothers, families and children--especially refugees--experience similar struggles every day. Our brothers and sisters are living amidst death, sorrow, and poverty. With your help, lifesaving care can reach those in need around the world.