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Fighting Ebola: Training of Volunteers in Liberia

by User Not Found | Aug 20, 2014

Thank you for your incredibly generous donations to our Ebola response programs. Thanks to you, our response teams were able to successfully train 100 general Community Health Volunteers - plus additional volunteer participants - in Bomi County, Liberia.

Community Health Volunteers in Training


At the beginning of this month, MTI began a four-month plan to support the Bomi County Health and Social Welfare Team with Ebola response. Response activities are focused on training all general Community Health Volunteers on how Ebola is transmitted and how it can be prevented. The objective is to equip volunteers with information and skills to conduct health messages and awareness about Ebola throughout the community. This weekend, four teams trained volunteers through lectures, Q&A sessions, group work, presentations and community mapping.

Bomi County Volunteers in Training


We could not provide this training without you! The fight to stop the spread of Ebola continues to be difficult, but your gifts are making a difference. Thank your for having a heart for those in most desperate need.

Learn more about why community education is critical for Liberian culture.

Donate to our Ebola response program.