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Field Photos: Ebola Response in Action

by User Not Found | Aug 06, 2014

We just received these photos taken today of our Liberian staff who are working to fight Ebola in West Africa. Our local teams are visiting homes in Monrovia, providing residents with brochures about Ebola as well as with buckets for hand-washing to keep at the entrances of their doors. Every person coming or leaving the home should use the hand-washing station to help prevent the spread of the virus.

MTI provides a hand-washing station to a family in Monrovia to keep at the entrance of their home.


A Monrovia resident with his hand-washing station to keep at the entrance of his home.

MTI staff explains information about Ebola transmission in a brochure he is providing to a local family in Monrovia.

An example of the type of community health information that MTI is sharing to help change public attitudes about healthcare workers.

Community education is seen by the Ministry of Health & the international community as the best way to attack Ebola. MTI is currently leading the NGOs in Monrovia and coordinating the Ebola response.

Thank you for your support of our Ebola response program. The need for health education is vital. You can help attack Ebola right now.  Donate today.