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Guatemalan Success Story: Your gifts of medical supplies!

by User Not Found | Jul 23, 2014

Today we share with you a story of how you helped a suffering baby in Chicamán, Guatemala. Thanks to you, medical supplies arrived at this very rural location just in time!

Just recently, a mother made the 2.5 hour trek down the mountain from her small community village called Belaju to the health center in Chicamán. Her eight month old baby boy was seriously ill.

The little baby was suffering from painful and complicated pneumonia. He struggled to breathe; his mother was terrified. In the small, one table emergency room, the staff realized this child desperately needed a nebulizer- a medical device which sprays medicine as mist into the lungs. The staff thought helplessly how a nebulizer would immediately help this child in urgent need; but unfortunately, the hospital did not have one.

Without the equipment he desperately needed, the baby and his mother faced an even longer journey to a hospital in another town.

Incredibly, a large shipment of medical supplies that you provided had just arrived at this Chicamán health center. Staff happened to open a box that contained a nebulizer and decided it should be placed in the emergency room. The nurses in the ER couldn't believe their eyes when the nebulizer arrived at just exactly the right time! They immediately placed the boy on the nebulizer. After several hours, he had improved. He was treated further and released home.

Nurses Nestor and Clarita hold the nebulizer that you sent, which probably saved this baby's life.


Thanks to you, MTI was able to ship just the right medical equipment to this rural health center - and just in time!

While reducing household smoke through ventilated stoves (which MTI teams build) is the best way to prevent respiratory problems in Guatemalan children, it is also critical for health centers to have supplies that will help heal the children who are already impacted.

Thank you for helping to save this little baby!

Reporting by Doug Fountain