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Ebola Update: MTI Coordinating with Liberian Churches

by User Not Found | Jul 07, 2014

We wanted to share with you and update from Liberia, where we are responding to the Ebola epidemic that is running rampant in West Africa.

Association of Evangelicals in Liberia (AEL) held a meeting of pastors and church leaders from all over Liberia to discuss the Ebola response and the role the church can play. Medical Teams International was invited to share experience and knowledge and to discuss ways that we can work together.

AEL Meeting of Pastors & Church Leaders


The church is an absolutely necessary institution when it comes to disseminating public health information - particularly because there is widespread mistrust of the media & government. Denial of Ebola's existence is a major reason why the outbreak has continued to spread.  Through education in the community, we can take control of the virus's spread.

Poster and leaflets were given out and pastors were encouraged to talk to their congregations about Ebola. Rev. Abel Menyongar from the Baptist Seminary admitted that he had doubts about the existence of the disease. Now armed with educational tools, he can get the word out to his congregation.

This Ebola epidemic is unprecedented: most deaths recorded, longest known, widest area of transmission. It continues to be a ticking time bomb. Monrovia, where we are working, is the most worrying area because of the population density.

Please help us battle this horrifying virus. Donate now.

Reporting & photo: Andrew Hoskins, Country Director, MTI Liberia