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Uganda Success Story: Jacky

by User Not Found | Jun 24, 2014

We are so grateful for your benevolence. Today we share with you the story of a little girl in Uganda who is helped because of the donations you sent. Thank you!



Twelve-year-old Jacky was brought to an MTI treatment outreach by her parents. She was severely ill with Nodding Syndrome and had severe burns on both her hands. Field staff recommended referral and she was immediately taken to Kitgum Hospital by MTI who also provided funds for treatment and monitored her condition while at the hospital. Since then, Jacky has recovered. Although she continues to receive treatment at MTI outreach points, her Nodding Syndrome symptoms have greatly improved and her hands have healed well. She has started carrying out light duties at home like sweeping, and she is learning to use the left hand since the burn left her handicapped in her right.

The family is grateful for the support that MTI gave to their daughter and for not giving up on her. They say that “there is nothing that they, as a family, can do to repay all the kindness that they have received, but God in his wisdom should bless the organization abundantly so that they can reach out to many more suffering people in the communities.”

Thank you!  For every $1 you have donated, we were able to send $83 in medical supplies.  Plus, your gifts provide training for local clinicians as well as send volunteer medical teams to provide direct medical care.  You are helping to save and improve lives!