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Local Elementary School Generously Donates to MTI

by User Not Found | Jun 11, 2014

On May 12th, one of our Tigard distribution center volunteers, Duane Younger, visited Happy Valley Elementary to speak with 18 student leaders about our work.  The students were very inspired by what they learned and decided to donate a portion of the proceeds from their annual fundraising drive called the Penny Harvest to MTI.  

Said Vicky Martin, the Happy Valley Elementary School counselor, "the students at Happy Valley were really motivated by the fact that every $1 goes toward $83 worth of medical supplies for MTI. Also, we liked the high rating you get from the organization that is charged with giving those ratings [CharityNavigator]."

On June 2nd, Duane accepted a $750 donation on behalf of MTI at a Happy Valley Elementary School assembly. The generous donation will go to helping those in the world who need it most.

We are so grateful to the student leaders at Happy Valley Elementary School for their generosity and their commitment to rise, mobilize, and make a difference!

The Giant Check Presented to Duane by Happy Valley Student Leaders