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Drapoh Clinic in Liberia: Treating Those in Most Need

by User Not Found | Jun 05, 2014

We are so grateful for your love and commitment to those in this world who are in most need. Thank you for coming along side us in our mission. Today we share with you a snapshot of a remote village in Liberia, where you are providing care to mothers and children in urgent need.

As you know, Medical Teams International is committed to delivering medical and health services and supplies to the most vulnerable--especially women and children--in the world’s most impoverished regions. In these places, many lack access to life-sustaining health services.

Sinoe County is an example of one such place that lacks access to basic services. Drapoh clinic is situated in the middle of thick, old growth forest. At a good pace, it takes eight hours to walk to Tubmanville, the closest clinic with a certified midwife. The closest road where one might get a ride with a motorcycle is three hours walk in the opposite direction. For the women and children of Drapoh, the only real option for health services is the Drapoh clinic. That is why MTI began supporting community health services in Drapoh, and the surrounding villages.

Drapoh clinic team with MTI Supervisor James Queateh (far right)
James holds a chicken the community gave MTI as in thanks for our support.


Andrew Hoskins, Country Director for MTI's Liberia programs, recently had the chance to visit Drapoh. The isolated village does not receive many visitors. The town chief said that the only other white visitors were missionaries who left in the 1970s. Since that time, the village was burned to the ground twice during Liberia’s civil conflicts. Now MTI has a representative visit Drapoh twice per month to support the clinic and community health volunteers in the area. Providing training and encouragement for community health volunteers is making a difference in the health of this village. Recently, Drapoh had 13 women who came for all four of the recommended pre-natal care visits! This is a dramatic improvement since previously only 2 women attended all four visits!

Without you, the mothers and children in Drapoh would not receive critical care. Thank you!

Story by Andrew Hoskins