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Liberia Success Story: Angel

by User Not Found | Jun 03, 2014
Mama Lu holding Angel, now five months old and at healthy weight.

We are so thankful for our donors; you are truly providing lifesaving training in places of the world that need it most. Today we share with you the story of how your gifts likely saved a little newborn baby. Thank you!

Angel was born in Drapoh Clinic in Sinoe County, Liberia. She was born early and underweight at birth, weighing just over 5 pounds. Being born underweight and a little bit early is extremely dangerous in rural Liberia where the infant mortality rate is already alarmingly high.

Thanks to your generous donations, MTI was able to hold a training workshop for community midwives in January of this year. Lucy, Angel’s grandmother and the traditional midwife who brought her mother to the clinic for delivery, was a traditional midwife in attendance.

Through your gifts to MTI, Lucy (or “Mama Lu” as she is known in Drapoh) was trained to pay special attention to pregnant women and children under five years old. Seeing her granddaughter was underweight, Mama Lu remembered from her training that it is important to keep newborns warm, so she postponed the traditional bath immediately after delivery. Instead, Mama Lu wiped Angel down thoroughly with a dry towel, placed her against her mother’s warm chest to begin immediate breastfeeding, and covered her with a soft blanket. These actions likely saved little Angel’s life.

Mama Lu also made sure that Angel’s mother received postnatal care at the clinic and that Angel received essential vaccinations. She continued to keep a watchful eye on the baby for any newborn danger signs, all practices she learned in the training you made possible.

In places of the world like Liberia, many midwives lack knowledge of basic lifesaving care. Immediate and exclusive breastfeeding; keeping baby warm; postnatal care at the clinics, and importance of early childhood immunizations are proven cost-effective and high impact interventions. Your gifts are shining a light into these places - providing skills and knowledge to help save and transform lives. Thank you!