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Haiti Success Story: Jean Baptiste

by User Not Found | May 27, 2014

Jean Baptiste is a 20-year-old who lives in the rural community of La Borde. His mother recalls that he began to walk later than his siblings and that he often fell down. In school, he was not able to learn as easily as the other children. However he was able to do daily activities and play like other children his age.

Around age 12 (about 8 years ago), Jean Baptiste's life changed completely after he suffered a fever and was in bed for almost a month. After that, he developed spasticity in his legs and was unable to walk. The family took him to several hospitals, but no one offered physical rehabilitation. He developed severe tightness in his legs. For eight long years - nearly half his life - Jean Baptiste has had to crawl to move himself around, unable to walk.

Jean Baptiste in his wheelchair.


In August 2013, the family heard about the Medical Teams International Advantage Program and brought him for therapy. As a result of your generosity, he is now able to walk short distances using a walker and can bathe himself and put on his clothes. Because of you, the MTI Advantage Program was able to provide him with a wheelchair that he uses to visit neighbors and go to church. He no longer depends on his brother to do everything for him.

Jean Baptiste and his family.


You are demonstrating the love of Christ to people in need around the world. Thank you!