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Haiti Success Story: Dolne

by User Not Found | May 22, 2014

While conducting a mobile clinic in the Haiti countryside, the Medical Teams International Advantage Program team met Dolne, a 79-year-old man who severely injured his leg after being hit by a motorcycle more than 35 years ago. At the time, the doctors were unable to help him battle the infection that developed in his leg, and he had to have amputation. Dolne traveled 120 miles to Port-au-Prince and received his first prosthesis. When he first met the our team, he was still wearing this same prosthesis - after 35 years! He had not received any follow-up care and used plastic bags and rags to make his prosthesis fit to his leg.

Dolne with his new prosthetic leg.


Our Haiti Advantage team made a new prosthesis for Dolne, which made him so happy he was almost speechless. As he was leaving the clinic wearing his new leg, he said “Today, I leave all the rags and bags that I used to make my old prosthesis fit to my leg behind. Like a disease, I dump them, and do not carry them with me any more. I feel like a healthy man again! God bless you all.”

Thank you for supporting our Haiti programs; you are changing lives!

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