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Liberia Success Story: in Labor and in Trouble

by User Not Found | May 13, 2014
Emma and her baby survived - thanks to your gifts!

Emma Saytue went into labor knowing she was in trouble. The local medical clinic was closed. And in this part of Liberia there was no one nearby who could help her give birth.

So Emma, already in labor, walked over an hour to reach a woman named Edwina. Edwina is an MTI volunteer who, thanks to your gifts, had been trained to help mothers give birth—and to know when more help was needed.

After Emma safely delivered her child, Edwina noticed a dangerous complication. She rushed Emma to the nearest clinic, where Emma received the treatment she needed. Emma returned home with a healthy baby.

You helped save Emma’s life—and ensured that Emma’s child will grow up with her mother around! It all happens because of your gifts.