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Cambodia Success Story: Two Lives Saved in One Family

by User Not Found | May 12, 2014

Your gifts did something simple but lifesaving for a mother named Tert Maes—you taught her how to identify the symptoms of malaria.



When Tert recently saw the symptoms in her five-year-old son she knew exactly what to do. Instead of waiting to see if it was just a common cold—and unknowingly letting the disease ravage his tiny body—Tert immediately sought treatment for her son. He was diagnosed in time, received treatment, and recovered completely. That’s the life-saving power of your gift!

And, just months later, Tert saw the signs of the same disease in her twelve-year-old son. He too was treated in time.

Your gifts also trained a local health volunteer in Tert’s community in Cambodia. When Tert’s twelve-year-old was bitten by a highly venomous snake, that volunteer knew exactly what to do to save his life.

“My son almost died.” Tert says, “But he has fully recovered with proper care and essential medicine.”

Teaching mothers like Tert how to identify diseases and training local healthcare volunteers is so important. You helped save Tert’s sons’ lives (one of them twice!) with your gift. The impact you’ve had on mothers and children in Cambodia and around the world is amazing.