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Haiti Success Story: Mireille

by User Not Found | May 06, 2014

Mireille lives in Crochu in the locality of Manoailles. She recently delivered a beautiful baby girl. Thanks to your donations to our Haiti programs, a traditional birth attendant (TBA) received training from Medical Teams International.  This training - which could not happen with out your donations - is preventing illness such as cholera in babies.  

At birth, Mireille’s two first children received “lock” (an oily mixture prepared with castor oil and other ingredients) to “clean their bowel “ and have them eliminate the “goudron: tar” (meconium). They also spent some days before they were fed with breast milk.

Lorinma, who is Mireille's TBA, is currently attending training with MTI.  As a result of your gifts, Lorinma new to advise that the newborn little girl not receive “lock” and be immediately placed into the breast to benefit the good effects of prelacteal milk.  

Mireille and her baby girl.

In Haiti, many children contract cholera from drinking liquids other than their mother's milk.  Because cholera causes severe dehydration, it can kill a baby within hours.  We are so grateful for your donations to our Haiti programs.  You are helping to transform communities and save lives!

 Reporting and photo by Joanne V. St. Louis, MD, PH