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Disaster Update: Ebola Outbreak in Liberia

by Katie Carroll | May 06, 2014

For the past month, Medical Teams International has been monitoring the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, providing support for health workers in Bong County and Liberia’s Ministry of Health.

MTI continues to monitor the situation, but the epidemic seems largely under control, with most suspected cases being ruled out.

According to UNICEF's May 2nd report, the current number of suspected, probable and confirmed Ebola cases in Liberia is 13, and the total number of Ebola-related deaths is 11. Of the 141 Ebola contacts, 131 have completed their 21 days of Ebola follow-up are declared Ebola-free.

MTI’s response now is more geared toward evaluation of the response and learning, together with the County Health Department, how to be better prepared for future outbreaks. In Bong County MTI still attends bi-weekly Emergency Task Force meetings which aim to continue the control of the current outbreak and prepare the county for future emergencies.

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