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Field Highlight: Oretha in Liberia

by Katie Carroll | May 05, 2014

Thanks to you, a pregnant woman and her newborn are alive today.

Oretha is head of Trained Traditional Midwives (TTMs) in Kilo Town Clinic area in Sinoe County, Liberia. A pregnant woman she was monitoring was exhibiting danger signs - signs Oretha was able to recognize, thanks to your generous donations to our safe motherhood programs. Oretha encouraged the woman to deliver at a clinic. However, the woman lived 5 hours away from the clinic by foot so she was extremely reluctant. Fortunately, your generosity saved her life. Relying on her training, Oretha continued to press the woman, which saved her and her child's life.The woman became anemic during delivery and needed special care that only the nursing staff at the clinic could provide.  

The nurse in charge at Kilo Town Clinic commented that before MTI came to train and support the TTMs in her area, the clinic was about to close. They were seeing 2-3 patient visits per month, no deliveries and no women coming for pre-natal visits. Now - thanks to you - they are seeing more per day than they used to see in a month. The TTMs are referring mothers and children to the clinic every day. Oretha said, “Now we tell our people, only give [breast milk] to the baby. Big belly woman (pregnant women) and children zero to five years old need to sleep under mosquito net [to prevent malaria].”

Because of you, Liberians are receiving care necessary to saving lives of women and children.  This would not happen without your generosity and compassion.  Thank you!

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