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High School Class President Hosts Fundraiser for MTI

by User Not Found | May 02, 2014

Hannah Lapp and MTI Volunteer Franny Heald at the Fundraiser

Earlier this year, Beaverton High School's Health Careers class toured our REAL. LIFE. Exhibit in Tigard. The class is designed for students from other local high schools to attend; and Class President of Southridge High School Hannah Lapp was one of the students on the tour. She and her classmates were so inspired by the REAL. LIFE. Exhibit that they were moved to take action through Medical Teams International. "We were so touched when we went to visit the Real. Life. Exhibit that we wanted to help," said Hannah. They arranged a fundraiser on April 5th at a local pizzeria. The fundraiser was a book fair open to everyone in which 100% of proceeds benefited Medical Teams International.



The students raised nearly $400. Hannah says the objective of the fundraiser was to "purchase" one of everything in MTI's Gift Catalog in order to benefit as many of the world's most suffering as possible.

We are so grateful to Hannah and the students of Beaverton HS's Health Careers class for their generosity and their commitment to come alongside us to rise, mobilize, and make a difference!