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Field Highlight: Theresa in Liberia

by User Not Found | Apr 30, 2014

Theresa was trained by MTI to help each pregnant woman in her village put together a Birth Preparedness Kit. The idea behind the kit is to have clean clothes, extra money and a few supplies like soap and cloth packed up to be ready for when the baby comes. Theresa recently brought a woman from her village of Darbah to the clinic. This was the woman’s first baby, but because Theresa had encouraged her to be ready, she had her Birth Preparedness Kit. When the clinic referred the woman to the nearest hospital, she had the money ready to pay for the hour bus ride to Greenville. Theresa went with the woman and stayed for four days while she recovered from the complicated pregnancy. Together they traveled back to Darbah with the healthy, newborn baby boy!

Your donations make this possible.  In Liberia, there are fewer than 200 doctors for the entire country, who's population in 2012 was 4.2 million.  Your generosity provides medical care to a country that is in desperate need.  THANK YOU!