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Field Photos: Traditional Birth Attendant Training in Haiti

by User Not Found | Apr 08, 2014

Today we are excited to share with you some "behind-the-scenes" photos from a Traditional Birth Attendant (TBA) training in Crochu, Haiti a few weeks ago.

Medical Teams International's staff holds training every week for such community leaders as TBAs, pastors, and teachers. We are very grateful for our staff, who all live two hours away in Port-au-Prince and spend three weeks out of every month in Crochu.

Health committees in the community select men and women to be TBAs and attend the training. At this particular training the men were especially engaged, asking many questions. Approximately 15-20 TBAs attended the training.

At this training, TBAs were learning how to handle and dispose of birthing waste, sanitation methods, as well as how to recognize danger signs in pregnant women to know when to refer them to a clinic. The training involved role playing to help bring scenarios to life.

MTI Staff Training Traditional Birth Attendants


A TBA Practices with Tissue Paper and Bleach

A TBA Practices with a Tub and Tissue Paper

When you donate to our Crochu programs, you are providing preventative care for local Haitians to build sustainable health programs!  Thank you for providing this training, which is truly saving lives for mothers and children!