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Lifesaving Medicines Success Story: Alice

by User Not Found | Apr 03, 2014
Families who fled the brutal Lord’s Resistance Army in the DCR are facing yet another threat. Their children, born in refugee camps, are suffering a rare form of epilepsy called nodding syndrome. Nodding syndrome is a mysterious and so-far unpreventable disease. Affected children nod their heads when they see food or feel cold, leading to seizures that cause injuries, concussions, and severe burns on many who fall into cooking fires. 

Injured during a seizure, Alice lost a hand – now she’s improving with medication.

During a seizure three years ago, Alice fell into a fire and severely burned her arms and right hand, which had to be amputated. But today, thanks to you and your gifts, Alice is receiving medication and is beginning to improve.

A local mother put it this way, “We thank God. The medicines helped my daughter. Before the medicines, she was nodding all the time; saliva was dripping out of her mouth. Now she is back in school.”

Your gifts supply a constant stream of medicine and essential supplies. Thank you!