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Syrian Refugee Crisis: Nasra's Story

by User Not Found | Mar 24, 2014

Nasra does not know if her husband is alive. 

She is unsure what will become of her and her young children in this refugee settlement in Lebanon.


Nasra’s story began in the Syrian city of Homs. When the war started nearly 2 years ago and the fighting escalated, her husband’s work became more intermittent and their resources more scarce. At one point there was no food left for their two children to eat, and Nasra’s husband had to leave the house in search of supplies.

He left and never returned. Nasra later heard witness reports that he’d been arrested along with several others and taken to prison.

The fighting pressed closer and Nasra’s house - in the middle of a battlefield- was bombed and leveled. Thankfully, she and her children were elsewhere at the time and survived. But with no home, no food, no husband, and increasing violence all around, she knew she and her children’s lives would be in grave danger if they stayed.


The refugee settlement they live in now in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley provides safety. But fear and uncertainty remain. She has heard that her husband may have been executed in prison. She worries that her children will get sick living in the settlement camps with poor sanitation and meager food. She wonders how she will ever be able to provide for herself and her family. Nasra is a refugee in a foreign land with no home, no income and no clear picture of the future.

The plight of the nearly 1.2 million Syrian refugees now in Lebanon is hard to overstate. Beyond the unimaginable uncertainty they face as refugees, their growing numbers and lack of dependable access to food, clean water and medical care have elevated the urgency of the crisis, compelling us to do more. Medical Teams International is working to mobilize additional medical volunteer teams to provide care to people like Nasra, her family and the millions of Syrian refugees who have lost so much.

Thank you for your generous support to this crisis.  We cannot provide care without your compassion and generosity.  To donate, visit