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Safe Motherhood Success Story: Chalumène

by User Not Found | Mar 19, 2014

We are excited to share with you a story of how your gifts likely saved a life... or two!

Chalumène Vernis lives in Ti Place, a locality of Crochu, Haiti. On February 21st, she delivered a beautiful baby girl safely thanks to your donations to our Community Health programs.


Medical Teams International's Haiti team creates emergency evacuation plans with communities in case of complications during community births. This baby was born safely as a result of training of the traditional birth attendant (TBA) by MTI and coordination among the community to execute the evacuation plan.

Chalumène was in labor for a couple of hours when Lorinma, the TBA assisting her, noticed that she took too long to have her baby. He asked the family to transport her to the hospital. The neighbors contacted the local Ministries of Health to get an ambulance to come to the center of Crochu.

Her neighbors took Chalumène on a makeshift stretcher to Noailles (about 3 hours of walk), a locality in the center of Crochu which is the farthest the ambulance could reach. Chalumène was then transported by ambulance to the hospital where she delivered safely with the assistance of an obstetrician.

Lorinma is grateful for the training he received that helped him identify the risk signs.  He says, "I used to keep women in labor for several days, now because of the training, I know I should refer them.  I know a woman should not spend two sunrises in labor."


Thank you for your generous support of our Haiti programs