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Volunteer Reflections: South Sudan Refugees

by User Not Found | Mar 10, 2014

Medical Teams International volunteer RN Jennifer Guenwald recently returned from a visit to the Nyumanzi Resettlement Camp in Uganda where she worked to provide basic needs and medical care to the South Sudanese refugees. Amongst many memories she made is one stemming from an event that took place during the last minutes of the final clinic day. Guenwald vividly described a brutal dog attack involving multiple children and life-threatening wounds. When the children were brought to her, she immediately treated their injuries and located transportation for them to a nearby hospital where they would receive vaccinations.


Register Nurse Jennifer Gruenwald Treats a South Sudanese Patient

 “Had we not been on site at the time of the attack, the children’s wounds would very likely have become infected, and without antibiotics or proper vaccinations they may have died,” said Guenwald. “Local community leaders expressed gratitude for our service which prevented additional catastrophic loss within an already displaced community.

“After every trip, I find a new sense of gratitude for everything I have access to including, shelter, food and basic healthcare,” said Guenwald.

The Children After Treatment

Thank you for supporting our disaster response programs around the world.  Displacement is the new 21st century challenge, with 2013 having the largest number of displaced people ever recorded by UNHCR.  Your gifts are saving the lives of children like these.  Thank you.

Story by Krystal Foote