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A Haiti Advantage Success Story

by User Not Found | Dec 09, 2013

When first seen in the MTI-Advantage Program clinic, Rosemann was five years. She was born with limb deficiency (loss of part of her right leg. Her mother is very engaged with her and determined for her to live as normal a life as possible. Her mother has carried her everywhere, even back/forth to kindergarten.

Rosemann is a lively young girl who sees herself without limitation; only that she cannot walk without an artificial limb. The first day we saw her, we gave her crutches. She just took off walking with the crutches and was so happy. She saw the PET cart (hand propelled cart) in our clinic and knew that she could use it for mobility. Our carpenter arranged one for her which she uses at home and in her neighborhood.

The MTI-AP made an artificial limb for her that allows her to walk without additional assistance. She now walks and runs with her friends, causing her mother more difficulty in keeping up with her! She is growing so fast and is so active, she is now in her 3rd prosthesis. We hope that we will be able to accommodate her limb deficiency in a prosthesis, but she may need surgery in the future.

Rosemann thanks all who help to make such life-changing interventions possible. She is excited about “walking to school” for the first time in her life!